Responsible investor supporting sustainable energy transition.

Our goals

Increase in the current exposure to investments in support of climate and energy transformation by PLN 500 million in 2021-2024.


Assessment from the ESG perspective of 55% of investments in sectors sensitive to the ESG risk​.


We make efforts to ensure an effective energy transition of the Polish economy. By 2024, we will develop a development strategy for a portfolio in low-emission and sustainable industries until 2050.

Our investment activity is conducted with respect of the principles of sustainable development. By 2024, we will include in the assessment in terms of ESG criteria 55% of our investments in sectors sensitive to the ESG risk, and we will also start monitoring CO2 emissions in the portfolio of investments, setting ourselves ambitious goals for reducing the emissions to make it possible to achieve a climate-neutral portfolio by 2050

We consistently make our investment portfolio greener, investing in climate-friendly products and sectors; we will systematically increase the share of sustainable and green investments in our portfolio.

Our actions

Investments supporting energy transition

PZU invests in projects supporting Poland's energy transition. In June of 2021, TFI PZU SA participated in underwriting the construction of two wind farms in Poland (Grajewo, Mława) with a total capacity of 51.4 MW whose total annual generation of clean electricity will be approximately 192 GWh. Another important step was signing an agreement to fund the Potęgowo wind farm. This is currently the largest project of its kind in Poland. The Potegowo wind investment project is predicated on best in class technology. PZU’s participation will contribute to the installation of another 17 wind turbines, thereby contributing to the further increase in the percentage of green energy in the power grid. The Potęgowo wind farm is located in the northwestern part of the Pomeranian region and in the vicinity of the northeastern border of the Western Pomeranian region. The secured funding will be used to expand the project to include the Wieliszewo wind farm with a capacity of 37.4 MW. In total, the capacity of the Potęgowo power plant will be 256.9 MW. This means that it will account for nearly 4% of the total capacity of wind farms installed in Poland. Construction is slated for completion at the turn of 2022 and 2023.