Employer promoting sustainable leadership and shaping responsible attitudes among employees.

Our goals

60% of employees covered by the intergeneration cooperation program (all the training participants jointly in the period 2021-2024).


Giving consideration to ESG targets in the Company’s strategic objectives and delegating them for execution by the management.


60% of employees participating in a comprehensive educational program in the area of sustainable development (a total of all the training participants in the period 2021-2024).


Respect for the dignity of every person, regardless of the differences between us, is the basis of all the operating policies in force in our company. Our work is based on warm-heartedness when performing duties and respect for any kind of diversity. We understand that to succeed in business, it is also necessary to be able to build an inclusive workplace and ensure space for discussion. We constantly develop and strengthen the organizational culture based on openness, ethical values and kindness to others.

In light of the rapid changes and uncertainty in the reality around us, we particularly need an understanding of the role of sustainable leadership. What is also important to us is the ability to cooperate and support each other in achieving set goals. We make efforts to build agreement and unlock the potential of intergeneration teams.

Conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner requires involvement of the entire organization. It is possible to realize the ambitions declared by us only if all the employees take consciously joint actions. As a market leader, we assume responsibility for fostering and we shape responsible attitudes of the employees at each level of the organization.


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