Trusted Partner in business promoting the sustainable development idea.

Our goals

Assessment of 100% of suppliers with the “key” status in terms of ESG risk.


Giving consideration to ESG requirements in 70% of key procurement processes.


Joining at least 3 new initiatives/ organizations/ partnerships promoting sustainable development.


Cooperation with our business partners, involvement in the most important industry initiatives and providing reliable information about our activities are the basis for a sustainable and transparent dialog with our stakeholders.

We are aware of our impact on the procurement market and our esponsibility for shaping the top business standards. We expect that our business partners will comply with the Best Practices for PZU Suppliers and manage their businesses in a sustainable and responsible manner.  To reinforce the meaning of ESG in relations with our suppliers, we include ESG requirements in key procurement processes.

We understand the significance of partnerships and involvement in inter-industry initiatives promoting the idea of sustainable development. We want to be an active member of organizations which operate in the Polish market. Therefore one of our ambitions is to actively take part in the experience exchange forums and constantly improve the organization.

Our actions

Partnership in the Climate Leadership Program

PZU joined the 3rd edition of the Climate Leadership program organised by the UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Center, which for more than 30 years has been working in Poland for sustainable development, carrying out the mission of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). PZU has joined the community of business leaders who understand the need to reduce environmental impact. As part of the program, participants work with independent experts and external institutions to achieve their climate goals, and then implement solutions to reduce their impact on the climate.

Cooperation for the development of renewable energy in Poland

PZU joined the “Agreement for the Development of Offshore Wind Power in Poland” and the “Sector Agreement for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy”. These projects have been initiated by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. They constitute a platform for inter-sector collaboration for Poland’s economic development, enhancing the competitiveness of Polish commercial undertakings, developing initiatives to ensure Poland’s economic and energy security based on low and zero emission sources of energy.