PZU in cooperation with Goldman Sachs Asset Management launches two new passive sub-funds and one own based on the recently created WSE CEEplus index

According to Pawel Surowka, CEO of the PZU Group, the company aims at promoting the Three Seas region globally and attracting global investors. In addition to the establishment of the Business Council of Growing Europe, PZU launched the sale of three new investment funds on the inPZU platform operated by TFI PZU. The first of them is based on the newly created GPE CEEplus Index  based on the value of a portfolio of the 114 largest and most liquid companies listed on stock exchanges from the Central Europe region. Another big success today is the announcement of the start of sales of two new unique passive feeder funds, developed by TFI PZU in cooperation with Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Information on new funds was announced during the debate "CEEPlus Index: Opportunities and benefits for Central and Eastern Europe and investors", in which Sheila Patel, CEO, Goldman Sachs Asset Management participated, among others.​

From 22 January 2020, PZU, the biggest Polish financial and insurance group, will offer on its inPZU platform two unique new passive feeder funds developed by TFI PZU in close collaboration with Goldman Sachs Asset Management. This cooperation was announced in March 2019 at an event summarizing the implementation of the #newPZU strategy. In addition, the PZU investment fund company TFI PZU is launching the inPZU sub-fund CEEplus, developed in cooperation with the Warsaw Stock Exchange and based on the WSE’s CEEplus index. From 22 January three new passive sub-funds will be available on the inPZU platform:
  • inPZU Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta® Akcje Amerykańskich Dużych Spółek (American Large-Cap)
  • inPZU Goldman Sachs ActiveBeta® Akcje Rynków Wschodzących (Emerging Markets)
  • inPZU Akcje CEEplus

Cooperation between PZU and GSAM
With these additions, TFI PZU is expanding its offer of innovative equity-fund solutions available on the inPZU online platform. PZU gives Polish investors unique indirect access (via feeder funds) to passive products managed by GSAM implementing the ActiveBeta® methodology. 

Funds/ETFs of this type aim to provide a better risk/return profile over the whole investment cycle than traditional market-cap weighted indices funds/ETFs. Many of the investment strategies that will be applied in funds offered by PZU have been developed in-house using the expertise and experience of GSAM.

As with other index-tracking funds offered on the inPZU online platform, no fees will be charged for the purchase or redemption of units. 

Paweł Surówka, CEO of PZU SA: “The cooperation between PZU and GSAM is set to capitalize on key competencies of the two companies. GSAM brings the experience of a leading global investment firm, while PZU contributes unique asset management capabilities in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. I’m proud that PZU is already a member of investing champions league.”

In their cooperation PZU will strive to make products managed by GSAM available through its distribution network. This may include offering of joint innovative investment solutions on the platform inpzu.pl.

TFI PZU cooperation with the WSE
In addition, PZU is launching on the inPZU platform the sub-fund inPZU Akcje CEEplus, developed in cooperation with the Warsaw Stock Exchange and based on the recently created WSE CEEplus index.

Marek Dietl, CEO of the WSE, commented: “CEE countries outperform almost all other EU member states in terms of economic growth. More and more investors have been asking us for a product which offers exposure to the region dynamism. Our response is the CEEPlus index comprising of 100+ top companies from Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and Romania. More countries will join soon. The next step will be to construct an index of companies from the CEE region, that build corporate value based on ESG criteria. ” 

The CEEplus index has been published since 4 September 2019, based on the value of a portfolio of the largest and most liquid companies listed on stock exchanges from Central and Eastern Europe. The base value of the CEEplus index was set at 1,000.00 points, on 3 September 2019.  CEEplus is a price index, and thus when calculated reflects only prices in transactions covered by the index, not dividend income. The weighting of any company in the index portfolio is limited to 10%, while the total share of companies which each value exceeds 5% of the index is limited to 40%. The weighting of companies from a single stock exchange may not exceed 50%.

PZU is constantly working on expanding the range of products and services tailored to the needs of Poles. That was the premise behind the launch of the innovative platform inPZU, which enables investment in passive funds offered by TFI PZU. The platform is available to customers 24 hours a day, from any location and on any mobile device. InPZU is open to individual and institutional clients. The platform has been recognized by the industry with awards for its revolutionary approach to investments and the introduction of the first fully proprietary passive funds in Poland. Investing has never been so attractive in terms of fund management fees. On the inPZU platform, each fund has a low fixed fee of 0.5%, which makes investing more attractive than ever before. Since the launch of the inPZU service, PLN 123 million has been invested in indexed inPZU specialized open-end investment funds.

“500 for 500” special offer
The “500 for 500” promotion starts together with the launch of the three new passive sub-funds. This special offer is directed to the first 500 new clients investing in funds available at inPZU. These clients opening a promotional investment portfolio on the service and paying in a minimum of PLN 500 to start and regularly investing a further PLN 500 each month over the next 11 months will receive a bonus of PLN 500 gross after 13 months.
Robert Kubin, CEO of TFI PZU: “The inPZU platform is a breakthrough and revolution on the market. Thanks to PZU experts, passive funds, known elsewhere in the world for many years and now one of the most valued and popular investment solutions, have finally arrived in Poland. Now, thanks to cooperation with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, we can make our offering to clients even more attractive.”

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