About the Business Council

The Business Council of Growing Europe seeks to recognize and promote Central and Eastern Europe (CEE or Three Sees Region) as the world’s fastest growing developed market and one that is also its most stable emerging market. By promoting business cooperation among leaders from across CEE the Business Council also aims to further the region’s democratic and economic development. 

The objective of the initiative is to promote Central and Eastern Europe as an attractive investment destination for global investors and encourage cooperation between business leaders of the region. The initiative has been initiated by PZU Group and embraced by 12 other founding companies from CEE. The theme of the Business Council - “Growing Europe” emphasizes the key feature which the 11 CEE countries have in common: stable growth.

The memorandum establishing the Business Council has been signed in Davos during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. According to the memorandum, the participants will organize joint events promoting the region, take part in panel discussions and meetings at leading economic conferences and events, participate in the activity of working groups, and partner with consultancies to prepare regional data.

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