FT-PZU Spotlight on Global Access to Healthcare

The world’s population will reach almost 10 billion by the middle of this century. One of the challenges we face today is access to high-quality universal healthcare. This will be one of the issues discussed at the event to be held by PZU and the Financial Times on January 22nd in Davos.

The world is currently home to 7.6 billion people. Experts from the United Nations predict that by 2050, the world’s population will reach almost 9.8 billion. In the digital age, traditional barriers such as geographical borders or limited access to resources are practically non-existent. However, despite the rapid technological change, there are still many challenges ahead of us. One of them is to prepare healthcare systems for the further growth of the world’s population.

This will be discussed at the “FT-PZU Spotlight on Global Access to Healthcare” evening reception. The event will be moderated by David Crow of the Financial Times and it will be attended by Paweł Surówka – Chief Executive Officer of PZU, Roman Pałac – Chief Executive Officer of PZU Życie, Githinji Gitahi – Group Chief Executive Officer of Amref Health Africa, Stephen Klasko – President of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health, Peter Lee – Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare and Andrew Thompson – Chief Executive Officer of Proteus Digital Health.

The event will bring together world healthcare experts and technology pioneers. They will share their knowledge and ideas on how to create robust, inclusive and highest quality healthcare systems. They will also discuss the experiences of industrialised and developed countries as regards universal healthcare and the role of legislation and public-private partnership with respect to healthcare systems.

“Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing. On the one hand, the world's population is growing. On the other, some countries, including Poland, are facing the challenge of an ageing population. Both situations cause that need of medical services is insufficient thus become inaccessible for many people. PZU Group observe that technology is a one of the approaches of improving access to health services  thanks to better system’s efficiency (telemedicine) or cases identification which don’t required visit at a medical specialist (symptom checker)”, said Roman Pałac, President of the Management Board of PZU Życie.

PZU Zdrowie is the largest private provider of healthcare in Poland. It cooperates with over 2,100 partner establishments in 500 cities in Poland. In addition, it is building its own network, which now comprises as many as 63 establishments. It arranges over 100 thousand doctor’s appointments a month. PZU Zdrowie’s own network employs 1,300 doctors from 100 specialities. Moreover, PZU Zdrowie cooperates with almost 50 hospitals and more than half of the pharmacies in Poland.

Details regarding the event, which will be held on January 22nd at 7 p.m. at Polish House in Davos, and the application form are available on the dedicated website at “FT-PZU Spotlight on Global Access to Healthcare”. The event will be hosted at Polish House as one of its many initiatives. It is a follow-up of the #PolandCanDoNation campaign, the aim of which is to promote Poland. The first part of the campaign was the conference held by PZU at the beginning of October 2018 in New York. Find out more at: http://www.pzu.pl/poland-the-can-do-nation.