Polish Tropes in Davos: PZU and Bank Polski’s Polish House at the World Economic Forum

The Polish House, a venue of encounters and dialogue which promotes Poland, opens its doors once again for visitors at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Situated at the main promenade, the Polish House has been set up for the second time by the initiative of PZU and Bank Pekao. This year, its interiors will not only encourage business discussions and high-level meetings but also promote Polish culture and inspire visitors.

The specially designed interiors of the Polish House will accommodate panel discussions, business encounters, and other events promoting Poland, as well as two companies which are Forum partners: PZU and Bank Pekao. This year’s discussions are taking place under the #GrowingEurope theme which evokes the potential of Central and Eastern Europe in the context of the growing economy of Europe.

Along with the promotion of Polish business and the potential of CEE companies, the Polish House has another key objective: to promote Polish culture and raise awareness about Poland. That objective is embedded in the interior of the Polish House, which has been designed in Polish folk-art style. Polish Highlander culture is the main theme and the inspiration this year. 

Highlander decorative art patterns underly the graphic design present in the Polish House logo, its interiors, as well as all promotional materials. The Polish House Highlander Corner invites visitors to savour traditional South Poland cuisine. The Polish House offers even more attractions. Visitors will be introduced to the bios of prominent Poles (scientists, artists, athletes, etc.). A quiz available in an interactive mirror will tell visitors what kind of traveller they are and which Polish city they must visit, presenting a city profile and a selection of landmark photos.

Set up by PZU and Bank Pekao, the Polish House is open to all visitors during the World Economic Forum in Davos from 21 to 24 January.

The World Economic Forum in Davos is one of the most prominent events bringing together political leaders, global businesses, acclaimed intellectuals and experts, as well as the mass media. The annual event focuses on solutions to the key economic and social challenges of today’s world. 

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