About us

The PZU Group is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe. We are trusted by over 22 million customers in five countries. Operating in the areas of insurance, banking, investments and healthcare, we manage nearly PLN 300 billion in assets.

PZU Ready for Startups is a program of cooperation with startups as part of implementing innovations at PZU. They cover various business areas and relate to solutions at various stages of development—from initial ideas directed to acceleration programs, to commercial implementations preceded by a short process of adapting solutions to business needs.

Within the Group, we have several dedicated units supporting cooperation between PZU and external partners, including Innovation Lab (an internal unit dealing with testing and implementing innovation in the organization), and PZU LAB (a company belonging to the PZU Group, dealing with consultancy in the field of risk assessment and optimization in industry).

Cooperation with startups

For years, we have been cooperating with innovative startups from Poland and around the world, trying to find and test solutions that we find promising. 


What we offer

Mentoring by business experts,

Access to PZU's infrastructure and sales network,

Option to verify your solution during PoC,

The scale of the business,

Opportunity to participate in acceleration programs,

Access to knowledge and know-how of the insurance industry.

Areas of innovation

The main areas of call for innovation defined in the PZU Innovation Strategy.

We are looking for startups operating in various areas, but in particular we focus on solutions within the following groups:

Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced pricing methods, including behavioral analysis

  • Knowing better our customers and their preferences

  • Support cross-selling initiatives

  • Increase in customer engagement and loyalty

  • Predictive models of insurance incidents

  • Better business management and process efficiency improvement


  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology

  • Automation of processes

  • Development of distribution channels

  • Simplification of sales process

  • Development of telemedicine and telecare

  • Development of tools for the authentication of people and documents

New interaction with customers

  • Implementation of products services tailored to the evolving needs of individual and business clients

  • Reaching new market segments and building new relationships with customers

  • Silver Economy

  • Development of additional services, which we can use to support the insurance offer

  • Development of preventive actions aimed at preventing insurance incidents

  • Development of solutions in the field of ESG 

Employer 2.0

  • Solutions affecting the retention of employees / agents in the organization
  • Increase in recruitment efficiency

Case Study

A Minute for Skin

Skin cancer prevention using artificial intelligence.

The app, made available to PZU customers, allows them to check their moles at home. All it takes is just a smartphone to take a picture and get an assessment of skin cancer risk in a few tens of seconds. This makes regular preventive activity easier.

A pilot of the solution was conducted with a leading dermatology startup as part of the PZU Ready for Startups program. As part of the pilot, at least 5 cases of skin cancer were detected with the help of the app, which were confirmed by doctors. The solution is currently being implemented as part of the "Minute for Skin" prevention program. 


  • Gold statuette in the global competition The Efma-Accenture Innovation In Insurance Awards
  • Award in the "Wprost" 2022 Innovators competition

Release: August 2022


An innovative solution that ensures the safety of drivers. PZU GO is a small sensor (a beacon) and a mobile application that work together.

In the event of an accident, the sensor transmits information about the incident to the PZU Emergency Center via mobile application. Thanks to this, we can immediately contact the driver and check if they need help. If the driver does not answer the phone, we will notify the Emergency Notification Center—it can send an ambulance to the place of the last GPS indication, if needed.

The PZU GO application also allows you to quickly contact our hotline using one button—drivers can easily use the help of PZU in accordance with the scope of the insurance contract.

In addition, the driver can verify his driving style based on the information presented in the application, including:

  • speed and smoothness of the ride,
  • driving time and distance traveled,
  • dangerous situations that have occurred, e.g. hard braking.


  • First place in the Best Implementation in the Insurance Industry category in the oldest technology competition organized by Gazeta Bankowa.
  • This solution was also appreciated by the FinTech & InsurTech organization, which brings together the leaders of the banking and insurance world, awarding it the most interesting innovation - InsurTech Award.

Release: December 2018

AI in Claims I

PZU has implemented a solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to handle motor claims.

Innovative technology supports PZU employees and experts in their daily work, thus reducing the time it takes to handle the request. As part of the project, machine learning and automatic image analysis in real time were tested and implemented. As part of the pilot study, cost estimates and photo documentation of selected motor damage were analyzed. The system, apart from the automatic analysis of photos, is also able to name a specific part of the car, determine the extent of damage and qualify a given component for repair or replacement. Artificial Intelligence takes only 30 seconds to analyze the technical documentation, and in addition, its use allows you to select ~ 90% of the documentation that meets the requirements necessary to maintain the high quality of claims handling at PZU. The remaining ~ 10% of cases requiring additional expertise are submitted for analysis directly by PZU employees. The technology has allowed us to improve 10 times selected parts of the technical documentation verification process and reduce the time of order processing.


  • Third place in the Best Implementation in the Insurance Industry category in the oldest technology competition organized by Gazeta Bankowa.

Release: January 2019

Data Lab

Data Lab is a project by which the PZU Group conducts experiments on large data sets (fast design and testing of analytical hypotheses in cooperation with business).

Data Lab gives the opportunity to create solutions (usually prototypes) based on Big Data that support current business and analytical processes in areas such as detecting irregularities in mass operations, pricing, cross-selling or better business management (including prediction). Data Lab initiatives allow to improve the effectiveness of operational processes, reduce the costs of their implementation and create new innovative processes based on advanced analytics. Annually, as part of Data Lab, 4–5 pilot projects are carried out in cooperation with leading data science in Poland.

Release: project carried out on a continuous basis

Before You Call Service

Pre-service is a process consisting in initiating contact by PZU with the injured party, even before the claim is reported by him.

The project deals with property damage and aims to improve customer satisfaction. After the occurrence of an event (e.g. fire, gas explosion), an attempt is made to identify the customer based on information from generally available sources (including the Internet, radio, e-mail). If the identification is successful, contact is made with the client in order to provide real help in a more difficult situation (e.g. if the scope of the policy covers a substitute premises, it will be offered to the client at the first contact). Claim registration may take place on another day, at a time convenient for the customer. PZU is the first insurance company in Europe to implement a large-scale customer contact initiation process before contacting the insurer to report a claim.


  • Golden Earphone 2018 in the category of Excellent Communication With The Client

Release: January 2018

Life Band

PZU Group, in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Health, launched a pioneering project called "Opaska Życia."

This is a new version of the PZU social strategy #10yearslonger. It is an electronic device worn on the wrist that monitors the basic vital signs of patients and alerts medical personnel to emergency situations. For the first time in Poland, such advanced technologies, with the involvement of non-public funds, have a chance to be used on a mass scale in emergency medical services and healthcare.

The band measures the pulse, body temperature, as well as illustrative measurements of saturation (blood oxygen saturation). Analyzes the results and alerts medical personnel when the patient's vital signs drop to critical levels. At the same time, a beep sounds in the wristband to draw the attention of the patient and people around. Rescuers can precisely determine the place where he is ill thanks to the location sent by the device. The band is also equipped with a fall detector that triggers an alarm when a patient falls over.

Pilot: October 2019, at the Mazovian Provincial Hospital in Siedlce

Release: May 2020, as part of the release, PZU handed over 1000 bands to Polish hospitals in order to monitor the condition of patients suffering from COVID-19.


PZU was the first company in Poland to implement a solution allowing for comprehensive and remote service of deaf customers.

Free calls from pzu.pl/kontakt enable three-way video connections between the client, the sign language interpreter, and our consultant. Thanks to this, customers can buy insurance on their own, and without any barriers, e.g. report a claim or receive information about a reported benefit.


  • The project was awarded the international Efma–Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards 2018 in the Customer Experience & Engagement category.

Release: October 2017

Semantic OCR

This project responds to the need to streamline and modernize the process of examining claims and paying compensation.

With so many documents in a highly unstructured form, PZU was looking for a tool to read and interpret data from various types of documents. The pilot was carried out in the area of life & health, but once implemented, this technology can be used in many business areas, bringing the company significant savings and improving many internal processes.

Release: November 2020


Cash is a new lending platform prepared by PZU in cooperation with Alior Bank.

Thanks to it, each employer will be able to introduce a new benefit in the form of quick and low-interest loans for their employees. The project assumes that every employee related to his employer with an employment contract and having creditworthiness will be able to apply for a low-interest loan. It is enough for the employer to join the Cash platform. The loan application and launch process is fully remote from the customer's perspective. The repayment of installments takes place automatically from the remuneration - the customer does not have to remember about the date and amount of the repayment.

Release: October 2019

Visit:  www.portalcash.pl

AI in Claims II

The project aims to improve the process of motor claims appraisal by mobile experts using an on-line solution for automatic photo analysis, vehicle damage and verification against expert systems.

After carrying out a calibration with PZU's business rules and workshops on usability and processes mapping the needs of the pilot, tests of applications preparing cost estimates of damages for passenger vehicles and vans were started. During the pilot, we measure the effectiveness of solutions used in the daily work of mobile communication experts and the benefits of semi-automatic preparation of cost estimates based on damage to the top parts of vehicles.

Pilot: started in September 2019

Flu Prediction

The "flu" model is capable of forecasting the number of people suffering from influenza a month in advance at the voivodship level.

The algorithm works on a weekly basis. It uses, inter alia, meteorological and behavioral data. Machine Learning algorithms were used for modeling, which allowed to take into account the time specificity of the data (the problem of the time series class).

Release: August 2019

AI in Recruitment

As part of cooperation with a startup from the MIT EF CEE acceleration program, the PZU Group launched a special recruitment campaign called #challengePZU, using the globally innovative formula of an open challenge addressed to Java and SQL programmers.

The methodology of the challenge was based on the so-called "Skill challenges", which are thematically related to the scope of knowledge necessary for a given position. As part of the gamification challenge, the candidates could demonstrate their skills, and the artificial intelligence analyzed the answers and the candidate code and assessed their skills, indicating the best people for the next stage of recruitment. Such activities are part of an innovative strategy implemented in HR departments, based on the constant acquisition of the best candidates based on their skills.

These types of activities are not only a highly distinctive element of the employer branding strategy, but also an effective way of reaching both active job seekers and the so-called passive candidates who do not respond to traditional job advertisements. The campaign allows you to build a positive candidate path, which is assessed on the basis of the results obtained. It is also a great opportunity to show your skills and develop your career faster. Both for ambitious specialists and young graduates who often lack experience.

Release: September 2019

PZU Google Assistant

The project made it possible to reach PZU clients through a new channel of direct interaction.

Each user of the Action, via the voice interface, can familiarize himself with the initial offer of PZU Wojażer travel insurance, based on individually selected travel parameters. If the client is interested in the received variants, a consultant from the PZU helpline will contact him to discuss the details. PZU was the first insurer in Poland to implement a product of this class.

Release: June 2019

Fast Quote

A quick quote when buying real estate insurance via the Internet is a solution that, using Big Data, allows PZU clients to quickly familiarize themselves with the PZU DOM insurance offer in the online channel.

Release: November 2018