About us

The PZU Group is the largest financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe. We are trusted by over 22 million customers in five countries. Operating in the areas of insurance, banking, investments and healthcare, we manage nearly PLN 300 billion in assets.

PZU Ready for Startups is a program of cooperation with startups as part of implementing innovations at PZU. They cover various business areas and relate to solutions at various stages of development—from initial ideas directed to acceleration programs, to commercial implementations preceded by a short process of adapting solutions to business needs.

Within the Group, we have several dedicated units supporting cooperation between PZU and external partners, including Innovation Lab (an internal unit dealing with testing and implementing innovation in the organization), and PZU LAB (a company belonging to the PZU Group, dealing with consultancy in the field of risk assessment and optimization in industry).

Cooperation with startups

For years, we have been cooperating with innovative startups from Poland and around the world, trying to find and test solutions that we find promising. 


What we offer

Mentoring by business experts,

Access to PZU's infrastructure and sales network,

Option to verify your solution during PoC,

The scale of the business,

Opportunity to participate in acceleration programs,

Access to knowledge and know-how of the insurance industry.

Areas of innovation

The main areas of call for innovation defined in the PZU Innovation Strategy.

We are looking for startups operating in various areas, but in particular we focus on solutions within the following groups:

Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced pricing methods, including behavioral analysis

  • Knowing better our customers and their preferences

  • Support cross-selling initiatives

  • Increase in customer engagement and loyalty

  • Predictive models of insurance incidents

  • Better business management and process efficiency improvement


  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence technology

  • Automation of processes

  • Development of distribution channels

  • Simplification of sales process

  • Development of telemedicine and telecare

  • Development of tools for the authentication of people and documents

New interaction with customers

  • Implementation of products services tailored to the evolving needs of individual and business clients

  • Reaching new market segments and building new relationships with customers

  • Silver Economy

  • Development of additional services, which we can use to support the insurance offer

  • Development of preventive actions aimed at preventing insurance incidents

  • Development of solutions in the field of ESG 

Employer 2.0

  • Solutions affecting the retention of employees / agents in the organization
  • Increase in recruitment efficiency

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