Acceleration and Mentoring Programs

Refining the business model under the guidance of mentors and experts.

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

MIT Enterprise Forum CEE is a combination of a unique acceleration model, the knowledge of over one hundred international mentors and experts, as well as the experience, resources and infrastructure of leading enterprises, organizations and investment funds. The aim of the project is to support the development of the most innovative science and technology startups from Central and Eastern Europe and to accelerate the commercialization of solutions developed by them on international markets.

Develop your startup with PZU and MIT Enterprise Forum CEE, an acceleration program that is part of the global MIT Enterprise Forum network established at the world's best technology university—Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Why is it worth it

The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program offers science and technology startups:

Business Model

Refining of your business model with the 24 steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship Methodology by prof. Bill Aulet of MIT


Support for leading Polish and international enterprises, organizations and investment funds


Possibility to consult legal experts, patent attorneys and sales coaches


Participation in a number of competence workshops, including Dr. Linda Plano's Investor Presentation Academy


Co-financing for business development in the amount of up to PLN 200,000


Possibility of global networking and a chance to present your solutions to US investors


The MIT Enterprise Forum CEE program is run by the Technological Entrepreneurship Foundation, which under the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland brand has contributed to the market success of over 100 Polish technology startups. In 2019, the project received funding under 2.5 POIR Acceleration Programs.


The RBL_START acceleration program, created by Alior Bank in partnership with PZU, searches for solutions from around the world that meet the business needs of a bank or insurer. The accelerator's mission is to build relationships between startups and corporations, thus accelerating the development of innovative companies in a competitive environment.

RBL_START is looking for companies from the FinTech or InsurTech area that have prepared at least the MVP of their product. Start-ups from all over the world can apply to the program, if their founders are able to actively participate in the accelerator in Warsaw.

Why is it worth it

As part of RBL_START, start-ups benefit from a rich mentoring and consulting program and a unique offer designed to support young companies in every area of ​​their activity and at the same time make it easier for them to scale their idea in the business environment. Ultimately, the best solutions are implemented in Alior Bank or PZU.

Thanks to participation in the program, start-ups:


can establish business relationships with Alior Bank and PZU

Mentor Support

will receive the support of mentors from Alior Bank, PZU, and other partners as well as external experts


will have the opportunity to test their solutions with clients using the bank's research facilities


will gain access to the Portal for Developers and Alior Bank's Open API

Financial Assistance

will have a chance to obtain financing on behalf of the RBL_VC investment team


will  work in the modern RBL_ headquarters in the Warsaw Spire building