Mediation and amicable dispute resolution

We encourage mediation

We are open to dialogue and the out-of-court resolution of possible disputes with clients. That is why, in complex and disputed cases, we encourage you to take advantage of mediation proceedings conducted at the Mediation Centre of the Arbitration Court at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The proceedings shall be conducted by a professional and impartial mediator, whose participation in the case is agreed by both parties. The responsibility of the latter is to help the parties to reach a satisfactory agreement.

Mediation proceedings are characterised by:

  • voluntary participation,
  • onfidentiality
  • neutrality of the mediator,
  • speed of proceedings,
  • flexible formula,
  • low costs.

The fundamental objective of mediation is for the parties to reach a settlement.

Thank you for your trust. We shall make every effort to reach a compromise solution to the dispute.

Useful information