Health Ombudsman

What does the Health Ombudsman deal with at PZU

As the Health Ombudsman, I endeavour to strengthen relationships with patients and better understand their needs. The function I perform is unique in the entire private healthcare and insurance market in Poland.

My role is primarily to listen to patients and help them find the best solutions. I support our clients at every stage of their care experience - from the moment of purchase to their visit or examination at the medical institution.

On a daily basis, I analyse the issues raised by patients, objectively assessing the quality of the service and the procedures used. Close contact with patients also enables me to have a real impact on the development of new service solutions and healthcare products.

How you may contact me

Feel free to contact me if you need any support, recommendations or advice on your healthcare. Please fill in the contact form below. Describe your case in as much detail as possible so that I can take appropriate action.

dr n. o zdr. Mariola Borowska

Health Ombudsman