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PZU in the Partnership for achieving sustainability objectives in Poland

In 2022, PZU joined the Partnership for Achieving Sustainability Objectives, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

It is another step in the implementation of goals envisaged in the PZU ESG Strategy, including achievement of climate neutrality and support of the climate and energy transition in the country.

“As the leader of the insurance market in Poland, we are supporting the most important change to take place in decades in the Polish economy, namely the energy transition. We have been consistently introducing changes in many areas, both reduction of our own emissions, increased investments in RES and introduction of new solutions for customers. Joining the Partnership aligns with our ambitious goals” – says Joanna Gorczyca, Director of PZU’s Sustainability Department, who received the partnership participation certificate on June 5.

Institutions forming the Partnership believe that the achievement of ambitious objectives and tasks will be possible thanks to effective joint actions, mobilization of resources and synergies, as well as the enhanced partnership. Striving together to use the opportunities to change the country, regions and the company, generating more positive impacts for sustainability, the Partners demonstrate their willingness to cooperate in the Partnership for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Cooperation for development of renewable energy in Poland

PZU has joined the “Agreement for the Development of Offshore Wind Power in Poland” and the “Sector Agreement for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy”.

These projects have been initiated by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. They constitute a platform for intersectoral collaboration for Poland’s economic development, enhancing the competitiveness of Polish commercial undertakings, and developing initiatives to ensure Poland’s economic and energy security based on low and zero emission sources of energy.

Partnership in the Climate Positive program

As part of the UN Global Compact Network Poland, environmental actions are developed and implemented by the Climate Positive program.

The program identifies and supports the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular Goal 13 related to environmental protection, climate actions and other complementary objectives.

The Climate Positive program executes a range of climate initiatives; the initiatives currently implemented and planned for future years involve a number of measures, in particular as regards elimination of carbon dioxide emissions.

PZU – a partner of the UNEP Finance Initiative Program

PZU is one of the signatories of the global UNEP Finance Initiative.

This global partnership, formed between the UN Environment Program and the financial sector, acts to mobilize the financial and insurance sectors to embrace sustainable development.

By joining this initiative, the PZU Group has become one of over 350 institutions committed to making their business decisions consciously with a view to contributing a favorable impact on people’s lives and the quality of the natural environment.

Partnership in the Climate Leadership Program

PZU has joined the next round of the Climate Leadership Program organized by Center UNEP/GRID-Warsaw, which has supported and advanced sustainable development for 30 years now, pursuing the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Thus PZU has joined the community of business leaders who understand the necessity to reduce environmental impacts and see it as an opportunity for development. In the program, the participants work with independent experts and external institutions, striving to achieve the defined climate objectives and then implement solutions to reduce their climate impacts.

PZU – a partner of the Eco-City Program

PZU has partnered with this year’s 10th anniversary round of the “Eco-Miasto” (Eco-City) program conducted by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw, which is affiliated with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), in cooperation with the Embassy of France in Poland.

The objectives of this initiative include education, inspiration and exchange of experiences between local governments, businesses operating in urban areas and experts in city sustainable development.

PZU in the Responsible Business Forum Partnership Program

PZU is an active member of the Responsible Business Forum Partnership Program.

The program is a platform for development, learning new knowledge, networking and sharing best practice in the area of sustainable development. It has over 60 participants - businesses that are sustainability leaders in Poland.