About the report

The CX Report ‘Era of New Experiences’ is the third release in a series authored by PZU. We have prepared it in collaboration with a content partner Digital University - a leading digital transformation consulting and education organisation. In the publication, we look at the trends and technologies that are currently having the biggest impact on customer experience and share our vision of the era of new relationships with customers.

The area of customer experience continues to be abundant with new perspectives and inspiration. As the largest Polish insurer, we have for years attached great importance to customer service, understanding that customer satisfaction is the key to success. In our latest publication, we not only share the results of our research, but also move into the world of technology and immerse ourselves even more deeply in the digital area.

The previous editions of the report, ‘Lasting Friendship with the Customer’ and ‘With the Customer for Better or Worse’, were spaces to share good practices in terms of CX. The customer experience at different stages of the customer journey was also take a closer look, in particular in the digital world. The latest edition of the PZU report not only shows current trends in the CX area, but also sheds light on what is still to come, predicting changes and revolutions that will affect customer service in a 5, 10 and 15‑year perspective.

In the report we present:


5 Trends



15 Technologies



3 Time perspectives


Why is it worth reading the report?

This is a unique compendium of knowledge on current and future trends in the CX area. It is an invaluable source of inspiration for companies pursuing excellence in customer service in a rapidly changing digital world.

  • You will learn an in-depth look at the trend, with a particular focus on its evolution over the last few years and the impact of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning on the customer's everyday interactions with the brand.
  • You will learn about the benefits of using a particular approach in the area of customer experience (from both the customer and business perspective), but also about the challenges faced by brands using new trends in their strategies.
  • You will see a vision of the future. There is no doubt that the future of customer service will be even more automated, personalised and socially and environmentally sustainable. In this report, we present what trends, technologies and dilemmas will determine the shaping of excellent customer experiences in the coming years.
  • You will read about the technologies that are having the greatest impact on these trends and could be the catalyst for the next revolution in the Customer Experience area.