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On 13 March PZU summed up the execution of the Strategy for 2017-2020. In 2018, the company implemented a number of solutions and programs announced last year, among others, inPZU, PZU GO, moje.pzu.pl, PomocToMoc and pzu.pl. It also developed the companies of key importance to the Group, such as PZU Życie and PZU Zdrowie.

PZU’s strategic objectives and projects under the #newPZU strategy in 2018 include the following: better utilization of data (PZU GO, Data Lab), higher cross-selling (cooperation with Pekao SA and Alior Bank, development of PZU Zdrowie thanks to new insurance-and-health products, inPZU), process digitalization (Robotic Process Automation, zgłoszenie.pzu.pl), additional interactions with clients (moje.pzu.pl, inpzu.pl,  www.pzu.pl).


PZU GO is a flagship project developed from scratch by PZU experts. Its major aim is to help protect human life in a motor accident. PZU GO is a small beacon-type device attached to the car windshield that connects to a mobile app to identify dangerous situations on the road and call for road assistance or emergency services in the event of an accident. In 2018, PZU GO was tested for many months, also by PZU Group employees. Drivers drove a total of over 200 thousand kilometers. The device is also available to clients as of December. Its annual cost is PLN 139. For PZU clients it will be available at a promotional price of PLN 49. In addition, clients who decide to join the PZU Pomocni club will be able to renew the offer for a token fee of 1 zloty. It will be conditional on one year of safe driving with PZU GO. Additionally, club members may take advantage of a number of other benefits for safe driving, such as discounts for fuel, a car wash or coffee to make their journey more enjoyable.

PZU and Goldman Sachs Asset Management plan cooperation on asset management and fund distribution

PZU SA and Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) signed a letter of intent yesterday. The cooperation is aimed at leveraging the core competences of both companies to attain mutual benefits. GSAM is to contribute the experience of a leading global investment firm while PZU offers unique asset management capabilities in Poland and the CEE region.

The potential cooperation will be symmetrical. GSAM will support PZU in its efforts to obtain the best possible rates of return on assets, and PZU will strive to provide its clients with products managed or co-managed by GSAM in its distribution network. This assumption applies in particular to offering innovative investment solutions in the inpzu.pl platform.

In parallel, GSAM will strive to offer the funds managed by PZU to international clients. Additionally, this cooperation calls for establishing a fund for the Central and Eastern Europe region, to be managed by PZU and offered through GSAM’s global distribution platform.

Revolution in investments – inPZU

PZU consistently works on expanding its tailor-made products and services to the Polish population. Therefore, the PZU Group has launched a revolutionary platform inPZU offering investments in index funds from TFI PZU’s offering. The platform is available to clients 24 hours a day wherever they are and from any mobile device. As of 2018, the inPZU offering is available to retail clients and as of March to institutions as well. The platform has gained industry recognition and received awards for revolutionizing investments and introducing the first passive funds wholly developed in-house in Poland. So far, thousands of clients have selected inPZU and used this platform to invest assets worth PLN 100 million.

Everything under the same roof – moje.pzu.pl

Striving to provide clients with the best service and increase the number of client interactions, PZU has launched a self-service portal called moje.pzu.pl. It is the only comprehensive service platform in the insurance market in Poland. Using this platform, you can insure your real property or motor vehicle, purchase a tourist insurance policy or check the status of other agreements concluded with PZU. In this portal, clients can also book a doctor’s visit under the medical care offered by PZU Zdrowie. It also provides an opportunity to purchase units in mutual funds available in TFI PZU and take advantage of the symptom checker, allowing clients to diagnose their health online. PZU is also working on more solutions, among others jointly with the Health Ministry, on using the moje.pzu.pl platform to store clients’ complete medical data securely.

Dynamic development of PZU Zdrowie

PZU Zdrowie is steadily expanding its medical network, which already comprises 65 proprietary centers. In addition, it cooperates with 2,100 health centers in 500 cities throughout Poland. Almost 2.3 million clients already use the medical services offered by PZU. In 2018, this has translated into a 26% increase in revenues to PLN 575 million.

During the recapitulation of the strategy, PZU announced the acquisition of a 100% equity stake in Falck Centra Medyczne and NZOZ Starówka. As a result, the number of centers in the PZU Zdrowie network in the near future will grow from 65 to 97. This will be the largest acquisition of a Polish medical operator. The acquired medical centers are located in 14 cities throughout Poland. In total, they employ over 1,100 people. This transaction is subject to the approval of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

In addition to state-of-the-art infrastructure, PZU Zdrowie is introducing numerous measures to make life more convenient for patients who use Opieka Medyczna PZU.

An appointment with an internist, general practitioner and pediatrician within up to 2 business days.
An appointment with a specialist physician within up to 5 business days.
No requirement of having a referral for consultations with specialist physicians.
Convenient contact channels: 24/7 hotline, www form, text message, chat, mobile app.
Phone medical consultations during which clients may discuss their test results, talk about disquieting symptoms and the medicine they are taking, receive a booking for tests and a prescription for medicines they take on a long-term basis, and learn about preventively caring for their health. Medical consultations are available by phone in the form of video or chat 7 days a week.

In addition, in 2018 PZU Zdrowie introduced several new health insurance products and group riders offered by PZU Życie.

Strategic partnerships

In accordance with the assumptions for the #newPZU strategy, the PZU Group is gradually developing strategic partnerships through collaboration with the largest Polish companies. More than 2 million households that are clients of those companies are already taking advantage of PZU Group’s aid and support provided in the form of assistance services.

At the beginning of 2018, PZU announced strategic partnerships with Allegro and PLL LOT. The main pillar of cooperation with Allegro, which started in April 2018, includes the sale and distribution of insurance products. They are fully digital and customized to meet the distinct needs of buyers and sellers using the allegro.pl service.

Since December of last year, PZU has been offering insurance to Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT passengers. Travel insurance called “PZU Pomoc w Podróży LOT” (PZU Travel Assistance LOT) is offered in three options, aligned to the distinct needs of travelers using the services of the Polish carrier. To date, 30,000 clients have purchased our travel insurance. It is used by passengers traveling in business and economy class alike.

As part of its strategic partnerships, PZU provides the assistance of specialists (among others, plumbers, electricians, glaziers, locksmiths) to clients of power utility companies such as ENEA, ENERGA, INNOGY, LUMI, PGE and TAURON. During the summary of the strategy, PZU announced the launch of its strategic cooperation with Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo Obrót Detaliczny (Retail Sales Arm of the Polish Oil and Gas Company). Its clients who take the PZU Group’s offer will be able to use the support of specialists in small household repairs. Its retail sales arm serves more than 6 million households.

Cooperation with banks

Last year, PZU collected PLN 340 million in premiums in cooperation with banks and banks’ subsidiaries. This represents more than 1/3 of its target of PLN 1 billion in gross written premium from bancassurance by the end of 2020. In December, there were 25 active bancassurance contracts in place in both banks. PZU also actively operates in assurbanking.

One of the new projects PZU is developing in collaboration with Alior Bank is the innovative Cash loan platform for employers. This project assumes that every employee working for an employer under an employment contract and who is creditworthy will have the option of applying for a low-interest loan. The maximum lending term is 3 years and the loan amount is approx. 3 times the employee’s gross monthly salary. Employees will have the option to use the loan funds for any purpose, and the installments will be automatically deducted from their salaries.

Service quality

Every year, PZU pays out 4.5 million claims. Clients report a new claim through our channels every 1.5 seconds. PZU seeks to ensure the highest client satisfaction level. In the life insurance segment, we close more than 96% of all cases during the first client meeting. In the property segment, this figure stands at almost 75%. This means that we are able to close 85% of life insurances cases within a mere 24 hours from when a claim is reported. In the property segment, we need just 7 days to close almost 55% of all claims. The hard work and commitment shown by the entire PZU team responsible for claims and benefits handling, we have grown our NPS ratio from 20 to 23%. For comparison, the overall insurance industry has an NPS of just 4%.

Helping is Power

Since 2018, PZU has been conducting the Helping is Power (Pomoc To Moc) campaign, a nationwide program to support local communities. This program enables people to initiate an important change in their neighborhood. To date, 635 applications have been submitted in the program; almost 100 of them have received financial support from PZU with a total value of PLN 3.5 million. During the first year since program launch approx. 200 thousand people have benefited. More than 70 non-governmental organizations are partners in this campaign.

Simple language

In April 2018, the PZU Management Board launched the “Simple Language” project in line with the corporate strategy of placing the “client in the center of attention”, and it seeks to utilize simple products and straightforward communication.

The company is taking measures in two areas. First, it communicates with clients just like normal people do, nothing like how public officials and petitioners interact. It seeks to ensure that clients are immediately capable of understanding why PZU is contacting them – merely by casting a glance at the letter in question – and what they should do. This is a matter of not just changing its content. Information architecture or layout is equally important. Letters are more legible when sub-divided into topical blocks and when they contain visual thinking elements. For this reason, PZU is implementing the 3.0 template whenever possible.

The second area pertains to the language used throughout the company. The obligation to use simple language must span the entire organization: it must apply to all employees and managers. Success in this area cannot be achieved if the simple language standard applies only to dealings with clients. When communicating with one another, writing e-mails and drafting internal procedures, PZU employees must use simple language. The company wants employees to opt for simple language on a daily basis.


As a national business champion, PZU gets involved in many initiatives to promote Poland internationally. PZU launched the PolandCanDoNation promotional campaign. Its first edition involved a series of meetings organized in early October of 2018 in New York City. The next stage involved the creation of the Polish House (Dom Polski) during this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. This was the first initiative of its type to be launched by Polish companies in history.

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