The PZU Group was floated on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 12 May 2010. This was one of the largest offerings in 2010 in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest one in the history of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The floatation ended the conflict that had been pending for more than 10 years between the two largest shareholders: the State Treasury and the Dutch company Eureko. The share price in the offering was PLN 312.50. The price at opening on the first day of trading grew by 11.7%. to PLN 349, and at closing it had already reached PLN 360.00.

This offering was for 25,819,337 shares in the Company. In the offering institutional investors were allocated 18,686,908 PZU shares, individual investors were allocated 7,058,491 shares and eligible persons were allocated 73,938 PZU shares. The interest among institutional investors was nine times the supply of shares. 59% of the institutional investors were domestic investors and 41% were international investors.

In the offering, the Company’s shares were allocated to 255,541 investors: 251,288 individual investors, 1,629 eligible persons and 2,624 institutional investors.


General information

Company: PZU SA
ISIN Code: PLPZU0000011
Abbreviated name: PZU
Listed market: WSE / Main Floor 250 PLUS
Form of trading: Continuous trading
Sector: Insurance

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