26 października 2020

PZU Group’s statement regarding the publication in the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper

The PZU Group denies any and all unconfirmed reports concerning actions pertaining to its banking assets as published in the text entitled “Unofficially: PZU wants to offload Alior Bank…” on 26 October of this year on the portal

This text is based on speculation and inaccurate information that are not supported by the facts. This type of scenario is not even being considered by PZU. Inaccurate published information can incline investors to make irrational decisions on the basis thereof. Liability for any such decisions will rest on the author of the text and the entity that published this text. Moreover, the actions of the author’s text may be deemed to be speculation concerning a public company, which in light of art. 183 section 1 of the Act on Trading Financial Instruments constitutes a form of stock market manipulation subject to the sanctions prescribed by this statute.

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