„Process Safety Management" - standards, experience and best practices

Invitation to co-organize the event.


The conference is planned to be dedicated as an educational event, meant to start a discussion related to the provisions of the SEVESO III directive, on how to successfully implement elements of PSM and improve a safety of people and plants.

We are convinced that process safety is fundamental in the development of safety of every company. As business partners we would like to support companies in Poland in improving the company culture and development of PSM. We believe that developing Good Engineering Practice standards is an important part of the process of minimizing the impact of incidents for both, the insured and the insurer.

For this reason, we would like to invite you to support our efforts and actively participate in the upcoming conference. We would like you to be part of wider discussion with other experts in the field.

The meeting is primarily aimed at educating management level as well as team dedicated to PSM by introducing the existing global standards for Process Safety Management in the chemical industry, as well as creating a working platform to support Process Safety areas in the possible implementation of PSM elements into already existing systems at your Companies.

Confirmed their participation:

Ian Travers

An expert with twenty-five years of experience in Process Safety Management, leadership, and the establishment and implementation of key performance indicators in industries with a high risk of a dangerous malfunction.


Catalina Wallis

Senior Risk Engineer OPC

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions: Conducting business from the UK post-Brexit


Laszlo Szikora

Engineer at Colonnade
Budapest, Hungary


Colonnade Insurance S.A.

Nigel Cairns

Principal Risk Engineer at Liberty Specialty Markets
London, England, United Kingdom


Liberty Specialty Markets

prof. Tomasz Arciszewski

"Professor Emeritus" at George Mason University (GMU) in Virginia

Introductory lecture: https://www.kongresobywatelski.pl/osoby/arciszewski-tomasz/